Men's Skin Care | 4 Steps to Maintain that healthy holiday look when going back to work

January 15, 2017

Man Smiling In Ocean using Skin Care For Men

Many of you would have had an extended time off over the festive season and you may have noticed something different with you face and skin.

Your skin would have most likely looked healthier and fresh. It’s common to find that when people go on holidays they return looking younger and feeling younger.

Why is this?

There is a combination of reasons, an Increase of vitamin D from the sun, fresh air instead of spending 8 hours of the day in a dry air conditioned office (if you work in an office),  but one of the biggest are the release of happy endorphins from being relaxed and stress free.

So now that we are back to it for another new year, how can we ensure we don’t look weathered and aged when we get back to work? It's simple! 

  1. Follow a basic skin care regimen that combats environment damage and replenishes skin nutrients. This includes the basics Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturising
  2. Maintain a healthy active lifestyle by participating in physical activity
  3. Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water during the day
  4. Stop Smoking

Follow these basic steps and retain that refreshed holiday appearance and put your best face forward when walking into work.


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