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A message from our founder - Sam

When I first began to think about the development of natural organic skincare products for men, I had been suffering from adverse reactions to over-the-counter male skin care products for many years. At the time, I also worked for an industry-leading company that specialised in the supply of protection for the body, shielding its users from various chemical products.

It was here that I learned about the implications of exposure to synthetics and chemicals to the body, and I was shocked, but not surprised. Chemical-based skin care products at that time were more prominent than many others, and most people at the time, seemed unaware of the potential impact that skin care products made with synthetic ingredients could have on their skin.

I questioned how products that claimed to be good for men's skin could contain so many chemicals which were probably doing more harm than good. Why were these ingredients included in the first place? Surely there were better, safer, more effective alternatives?       

Enter, Men’s Botanics.

The Vision 

When starting Men's Botanics, my vision was to become a leading brand in all-natural male skincare products, and to help our customers skin, stay fresh, safe, and smooth for as long as possible, in the most natural way and using the best ingredients possible without any cheap fillers or mixing agents, I wanted to ensure that what my products delivered was the best that my customers could buy, with the peace of mind.

The Brand

Men’s Botanics is made in Australia using only natural ingredients. We make a range of men’s skincare and male grooming products for the health conscious clean-living man, who wants to take care of his skin, without worrying about any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

All of our products contain natural botanical ingredients and antioxidants that when combined, deliver nourishment to promote healthy skin while also protecting and restoring skin cells that may have been harmed from free radicals and environmental pollutants.

Men’s Botanics is Natures Fuel for Men’s Skin. You could say It’s Skin Care Powered by Nature. It is a fresh, powerful skincare range designed for especially for men, no flowery fragrances just natural essential oils. Our products breath new life into the skin, helping restore it back to its former glory.

We hope through Men's Botanics that Men ( and increasingly women) discover a new way of Skin Care by using Australian made, quality  skin care products.

If you want to ask us any questions, even just say hello, or reach out for any other reason; I invite and welcome you to get in touch with me today by emailing: hello@mensbotanics.com.au,  alternatively, you can stay up to date with everything we are doing by signing up to our newsletter.


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We batch-make all our natural skincare and use only the highest concentration of Australian botanical extracts without chemicals. This fresh approach to skincare manufacturing may result in slight textural and fragrance variations in each batch, depending on ingredient seasonality. This does not impact the effectiveness of the product and illustrates our purpose-driven approach to supply our customers the best in male skincare, always.