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Here are some comments from some of our Men's Botanics customers.

"I bought the moisturiser and shave cream for my husband and being a person who never used to look after his skin, he now has a simple routine that he follows. He applies the moisturiser in the morning after shaving, which his skin really soaks up. A small amount seems to go a a long way. Our family has switched to many natural alternatives now as a way of life and we now apply this to our personal care .... p.s I even steal his shave cream for for my underarm - it’s give me such a smooth result !! Happy that this is Australian made. Mary - Melbourne

 "Hey! my roommates and I are seriously in love with your products and I cant stop raving to everyone about the shaving cream and combat post shave balm, It works a treat and I don't get any ingrown hairs, it's unbelievable." - Jai - Port Melbourne

"I am emailing to tell you how good the shaving cream and post shave balm combo is going, I am loving it! It would have to be the best shave cream i have ever used, so smooth and drag free for the razor. It has definitely reduced the irritation I get from shaving, which has always been a problem for me. Also all the products smell fantastic"  - David - Melbourne

"I suffer from dry skin, especially in winter, I tried the Intensive Face Moisturiser and find that it immediately hydrates my skin without any irritations. I use this product for my hands also which works a treat" - Erkan - Melbourne 

"I have been using Men's Botanics for 2 months and I can honestly say that the Dual Action Shave Cream is one of the best. It not only preps my skin for a great shave but it  also helps to stop irritation and I don't get any in grown hairs, which is a bonus, it really feels like it stimulates my skin, Thanks for the product looking forward to trying the rest- Lawrence - Melbourne

"Men's Botanics is the best product I have used" -  Sam C - Brisbane 

"One of the best moisturisers we have tried" -  The Alkemist - Melbourne

"Absolutely loving the new eye serum from Men's Botanics. Helping me keep the wrinkles and dark circles at bay everyday!" - Worthy and Spruce - Sydney

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Men's Skin Care Products Australia Testimonial