Men's Skin Care Tips

How to look after Men's Skin. If you can combine these steps with your everyday Mens Skin Care routine, then you're heading in the right direction in looking after you skin.

Men's Skin Care Tip 1.

AM & PM: Wash /Scrub your face with Men’s Botanics Energising Face Scrub and Ultra Power Cream Cleanser . Avoid using bar soaps / bar cleansers these can be harsh and remove the good oils of your skin called sebum, this especially important if you suffer from dry skin.

We need sebum to help protect us from bacteria and air pollutants. Sebum also helps keep your skin looking young, so we want to make sure that our cleaner is gentle enough to support Sebum. Always use a cream based cleanser such as Ultra Power Cream Cleanser, which hydrates while detoxifying your skin. The cleanser will help remove toxins, dirt and leave you with a brighter, fresher face ready to absorb the nutrients from our other skin care products.

When washing your face first use warm water, this will help open up your pores and allow the cleanser to work deep down in the pores and remove the dirt and impurities. Finish off with a wakeup call for your skin by rinsing with cold water.

Only exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week, exfoliating helps removes dead skin cells and other build up on the skin. Exfoliation helps new, skin cells develop while also revealing a better complexion

Men's Skin Care Tip 2.

AM or PM : While your skin is freshly hydrated and soft, this is a perfect time to shave. We have provided more shaving tips on its own dedicated page. Shave with a gentle, irritant- and fragrance-free shave cream like the Dual Action Shave Cream and always remember to apply moisturiser that is loaded skin-repairing ingredients. These types of ingredients strengthen skin's surface and reduce redness from shaving.

Men's Skin Care Tip 3.

AM: Apply a men’s face moisturiser like the Intensive Face Moisturiser or if you have oily skin the Mattifying Face Gel. When you apply your men’s face moisturiser, be sure to apply it to face your face, neck, and other areas of exposed skin. You should apply an antioxidant rich moisturiser to your skin every day to protect it from Free Radicals and the signs of aging. As men age their skin moisture retention drops due to the reduction in skin collagen production. Hydrating with a moisturiser like Men’s Botanics Intensive Face Moisturiser helps deliver both hydration and nutrients to the skin so that look firm and healthy .

Men's Skin Care Tip 4.

PM: After cleansing at night, re apply the skin moisturiser before bed and an eye treatment to help repair any free radical damage. Use the Men’s Botanics Ultra Lifting Eye Serum that is rich with more antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and soothing agents that keeps your skin looking smooth, healthy, and younger-looking .

Men's Skin Care Tip 5.

Drink Water! To have healthy skin and younger looking skin you need to hydrate your skin. The easiest way to do this is to drink plenty of h2O. Research suggests that when your blood becomes deficient in water your blood cells turn to your skin cells for water, which then causes your skin to look dry and discolour. If you combine healthy hydration and regularly apply a mens moisturiser and sunscreen you will have younger looking skin

Men's Skin Care Tip 6.

Stop Smoking. Smoking reduces the blood flow to your skin cells and also damages the connective tissues of the skin causing them to look aged and unhealthy. The overall result is that Men who smoke are more likely to suffer from premature aging skin. Following a good Men's Skin Care guide as we have done here will help men claw back the years.

Studies have shown that people who smoke tend to look 10 years older from premature aging of the skin than people who don't. Imagine being 30 and looking over 40 or 40 and looking over 50.

Men's Skin Care Tip 7.

Exercise. Your skin needs food that is delivered from the cells in our blood. The more you exercise the more oxygen is delivered to these cells. The increase in blood circulation helps feed our skin with the nutrients needed to stay firm and looking young. The nutrients in our blood cells are generated from eating good food that is beneficial to the skin. Men’s Botanics is all about feeling good and looking good.

We designed our product packaging to ensure that it’s suitable for men to throw in your gym bag and use after a Post work out shower. It’s important to wash your skin after a workout because you need to shower and wash away sweat build up after a solid workout to prevent the toxins that have been extracted through sweat settling and clogging your skin.

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