Shaving Tips

    Often we get asked, How to get the best shave or what directions should I shave my face. Whether you're using a Straight Razor or Safety Razor, following these shaving tips will give you the best shave and help you avoid razor and other skin irritations like in-grown hairs.

    Shaving Tip 1

    Use the Men’s Botanics Energising face Scrub and Ultra Power Cream Cleanser before shaving. Doing this will soften hair bristles and clean the skin surface making it easier for the razor to cut through for a closer shave. Rough hair bristles may cause irritations during and after shaving. 

    Shaving Tip 2

    If you shave before a shower be sure to leave your face Wet. A wet face and wet hair bristles will reduce skin irritations.

    Shaving Tip 3

    Look for the best shaving cream like the Men’s Botanics Dual Action Shave Cream to help lift and soften bristles for a smooth shave, Men’s Botanics Dual Action Shave Cream will make you feel like your razor is gliding across your face. Gently massage the shaving cream into your skin and hair bristles until it is completely lathered, the cream will work it into your hair bristles. The best thing about the Men’s Botanics Dual Action Shaving cream is that you won’t need to use a lot of it to be effective. The ingredients used are known be the best in terms of providing the best shave for men on the market so a little goes a long way. Over the counter foaming creams won’t provide you the same close shave as the Men’s Botanics products.

    Shaving Tip 4

    Using your choice of Razors i.e Straight Edge Razor or Safety Razor, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the razor blade when shaving and always shave with the grain.

    Shaving Tip 5

    Apply the Men’s Boatnics moistursers to cool and hydrate the skin. Using this regularly will also help with future shaves by preparing the skin. Remember when you’re shaving you are also removing some skin, so it’s important to look after this raw sensitive skin with a quality moisturiser like Men’s the Botanics moisturisers. If you apply aftershave straight after shaving without applying a moisturider, you will dry your skin out, which often leads to skin Irritations

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