5 ways to embrace baldness

March 05, 2017

Man with Head shaved - Male Grooming Ideas with Men's Botanics

Like developing an appreciation for fine wine and classical music, hair loss can be an inevitable part of getting older. And whether it's a slightly receding hairline, a thinning crown, or some other variation, it's pretty likely that for many men - despite fighting it - there will come a point when it's just time to embrace being bald.

Noticing more hair in your sink and in your shower? Seeing more scalp than lustrous hair in the mirror?

Affecting hundreds of millions of men worldwide, hair loss can be devastating, but there’s no need panic. While baldness is hereditary it doesn’t mean that can’t still look good and make heads turn.

While there are a bevy of temporary solutions on the market that can delay the inevitable, rather than wallet-busting treatments, or the dreaded Trump combover, bow out gracefully, take control and realise that bald is beautiful.


If you're contemplating an artificial means of hiding or covering your baldness - think twice.

Hair plugs - where hair is harvested from the side and back of your head and transplanted to the top - are both expensive (you’ll typical look at around $6,000 upwards), painful and, unless done by a skilled surgeon, can look unnatural. And whereas toupees have been favoured by the follicle-challenged of yesteryear (think Elton John and William Shatner) they really aren’t a viable option anymore. Aside from being high maintenance, do you really want your new squeeze running their hands through your ‘hair,’ only to discover that it isn't actually yours? Cringeworthy!


Before you go for the total chop, there may be other options for what's left of your 'do.

Speak to a good hairstylist about the best option available. For example, if your barnet is akin to Jude Law's - where it recedes more than a couple inches, leaving a finger of hair pointing to where your hairline used to start - ask your barber for a cut that’s about an inch over the top and for a shorter length on the sides to give balance. If the you’re thinning on top, the thicker hair on the sides of your head will draw even more attention to your baldness. Ask your barber to go shorter on the sides and then blend from the thinner areas to ensure there’s a smoother transition from scalp to hair. 


Biting the bullet and going for an all-over shave is undoubtedly scary. Yes, you’ll likely feel naked in the beginning and yes, it will take some time to get used to the new you, but the clean shaven look has a host of benefits. For starters, you free yourself from the tyranny of ever having to style your hair again - goodbye bed hair and hello an extra few minutes in bed each morning! Plus, bald men ooze manliness and sex appeal, after all it’s no coincidence that some of our favourite big screen action heroes - Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Van Diesel, to name a few - are thin on top.


Once you're buzzed, maintaining proper upkeep is essential if you want a scalp that looks good. For the first week or so there might be a colour difference between the skin on your face and your scalp, but a sneaky bit of fake tan should help even that out. From here on in, treat your head like your face by opting for organic natural skin care and ensuring that you wash it daily with a specially formulated cleanser (regular soaps and body washes can dry the skin on the scalp out) such as Men’s Botanics Ultra Power Cream Cleanser, a product that lifts grime and hydrates at the same time. Follow this with a non-greasy moisturiser packed full of skin friendly aloe and botanicals. Intensive Face Moisturiser by Men’s Botanics is a great option.

Remember, you can afford to splurge on products as you'll save plenty on haircuts and shampoo!


You may have lost the hair on your head, but chances are you’ll be able to (given all that testosterone) grow some great facial hair to compensate.

Now that your face is suddenly smooth and uniform all over, facial hair directs attention from your lack of barnet and injects some personality and contrast back into your features.

From a moustache or goatee, to a full-on hipster grizzle beard; there’s a range of options to experiment with. And handily facial hair is still bang on trend too.

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