7 Grooming Tips for Men with No Time

May 03, 2017

Men with no time for mens grooming

You have a quick shave and shower before going to work or after the gym, you splash on aftershave, apply deodorant, and brush your hair—does that sound like a good summary of your grooming routine?

There is so much more you can do, however, to look as good as possible all the time. Here’s the best bit though—it doesn’t have to take long. You don’t need to devote hours every week to preening, shaving, creaming, and cutting. When done smartly, grooming can be worked into your regular schedule and only takes a few minutes a day. 

Here are our seven grooming tips for men with no time. 

  1. Use the right hair products – Good-quality hair products are for use on particular types of hair. If you’re using the wrong one, your hair won’t stay in place, and it won’t look its best. Speak to your barber or hairdresser to ask their advice on the right type of product for your hair. You don’t have to buy the brand they’re selling, but at least you’ll know what you should use. 
  2. Trim your beard every day – Beards can quickly take on an unkempt and scruffy appearance, so it’s important you keep yours trimmed. It only takes one or two minutes to run the trimmer over it to make sure it is all the same length and the right shape. 
  3. Trim your ear and nose hair – The older you get, the more hair will grow from places you never considered when grooming in your 20s. So get the scissors or trimmer, and keep those ear and nose hairs in check. 
  4. Look after your teeth and breath – Electronic toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual ones plus they improve the health of your gums. Invest in one of these, and make sure you use mouthwash every day too. 
  5. Look after the skin on your face – You should look after the skin all over your body, but your face is the most important. This is because it has to deal with weather and pollution problems more than any other part of your body. Use Men’s Botanics Energising Face Scrub to remove dead skin from your face, and regularly moisturise using our Intensive Face Moisturiser. Both these processes only take a minute or two. 
  6. Pay particular attention to your eyes – Even if you exfoliate and regularly moisturise, your eyes can still look puffy and have dark circles underneath them. Men’s Botanics Ultra Lifting Eye Serum can help. 
  7. Shave properly – Use our Dual Action Shave Cream to prepare the hairs and skin on your face for the razor. You should also ensure you soak the razor in hot water every few seconds as this helps expand your pores. Once finished, use our Combat Post Shave Balm to reduce irritation and redness. 
There are lots of other things you can do when it comes to grooming, including going to the barber more regularly and dealing with your body hair. The above seven tips are a good starting point, however, as they take practically no time to complete

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