A guide to taming men's eyebrows

April 23, 2018

A guide to taming men's eyebrows

Ok, so you have your skin care regimen down pat, your bathroom is stocked with Men's Botanics skin care and grooming products and your skin is looking great, but what about your other facial and body features? What about your eyebrows?

Have your eyebrows been getting a little friendlier of late? Are they gradually moving closer together and becoming one, more suited to a caveman, determined to form a unibrow across your face? Don’t worry - you’re not alone.

Many men find that their eyebrows become bushier, scraggly and untameable. Fortunately, taming your eyebrows is easy and fast with a little know-how about men’s grooming. Read the following tips to find out how to tackle your caveman brow and restore your face to its former glory.

1. Assess the situation

Before jumping in and whipping away those eyebrow hairs, it’s important to assess the right eyebrow shape for your face. Everyone’s brow has its own natural curve, which you will want to follow to avoid looking overdone.

To determine the natural shape of your eyebrows, use a comb (or even an old toothbrush - clean it first obviously) to set the hairs in one direction, starting from the bottom of the brows and brushing upwards. It may also help to do this when your brows are wet, as the hairs will be easier to tame and remove.

2. Start with a trim

Start taming your bushy brow by snipping off the most obvious stray hairs. Use a device with a short and straight blade to make sure your trimming is accurate. A beard or hair clipper may be a good bet, or you can get specialised eyebrow trimmers, these are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up for under $20 from most department stores or shave shops.

3. Get plucked

Next on the agenda should be a little plucking to get rid of any persistent stray hairs that lie outside of your brow line - one of the most important grooming basics. Plucking does not have to be difficult or painful - simply pull the skin taut and whip away the offending hairs. Make sure not to over-pluck, however, as your brows could end up looking uneven and thin! Eyebrows help shape the face and going too thin will leave your face unbalanced.

4. Attend to your monobrow

Now that you’ve shaped your brows to look natural and sleek, it may be easy to forget the hairs that lie right in the middle of your face. Plucking or waxing is your best bet for this area of your brow. It does not have to be particularly accurate or neat work - simply get rid of the densest, bushiest hairs. While it may seem tempting, DO NOT shave your monobrow, as you will end up with short, sharp, prickly hairs right in the middle of your forehead, which will become difficult to pluck and it’s not a great look!

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