Bar Soaps Vs Cream Cleaners: What’s the best face wash for men?

May 16, 2017

Bar Soaps Vs Cream Cleaners: What’s the best face wash for men?

Lather the soap on your hands, slap it on your face to wash away the sweat from the gym or the day’s dirt and grime, and you’re done – that’s the way men do it, right? That might be the way your father did it, but it’s definitely not the best way to cleanse your face and look after your skin. 

The reality is that cream cleansers are better than soap bars for your face and body. In fact, most dermatologists advise against using soap bars, particularly on your face, as they are too harsh on your skin. 

Of course, soap bars remove dirt and clean your skin, but in doing so, they also remove essential natural oils that help protect your skin. This is a problem for all skin types, including normal skin and oily skin. It’s a particular problem, however, for skin that’s dry or sensitive. Dry skin often already lacks necessary oils, so removing them even further can exacerbate any existing skin problems, which defeats the purpose of skin care. 

Not Enough Acid 

The outer layer of your skin is slightly acidic, with a pH level usually between 5.5 and 7. This acidity protects the skin by helping it retain moisture and keep away germs. 

Bar soaps, however, normally have pH levels between 9 and 12. This is much too alkalinity for most skin types and results in the neutralization of acid on the skin's surface. This makes your skin feel tight, while also leaving it dry and unprotected. Even when the soap itself has a low pH level, the binders holding it together are often made from alkaline substances. 

Bar soaps also contain synthetic fragrances, which can cause skin irritation. Additionally, they often include other potentially irritating synthetic materials and chemicals, and there’s no real way of knowing how these chemicals or synthetic materials will affect your skin over the long term. 

Also, a bar of soap isn’t very hygienic. It normally remains in the shower or by the sink for weeks at a time and can be used by multiple people scrubbing nooks and crannies you prefer not to think about. Of course, you can use this same bar of soap on your face and body, even if you have to scratch off the left behind hairs before you do, but it’s still not the most hygienic way to cleanse. 

What About Cream Cleansers? 

High-quality natural, organic cream cleansers have pH levels that are close to your skin's natural pH level. This helps to maintain the slight acidity that is required on the top layer of your skin, protecting it and helping to keep it moisturised. 

In fact, good cream cleaners, like Ultra Power Cream Cleanser from Men’s Botanics, actually add moisture to the skin, rather than removing it.  

Cream cleansers achieve this pH neutrality because they don't contain soap. They still thoroughly cleanse the skin, but they do so without stripping away protective barriers or moisture. This is helpful for all types of skin, but it is particularly beneficial to skin that’s dry or easily irritated. 

It’s time to throw out that bar of soap because, no matter what type of skin you have, it will look healthier if you use a cream cleanser.

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