Crazy celebrity men's skincare routines

May 29, 2021

Crazy celebrity men's skincare routines

We all love a little celebrity gossip, and sometimes we even get great tips and tricks on how to look our best from our favourite stars. However, sometimes the ways in which the Hollywood elite take care of their skin can seem... well, just plain crazy! Some guys in the public eye really will do anything to look as good as possible, and there are some celebrity skincare routines we might not want to follow even if we had the money!

While you might not be surprised at the level Kim Kardashian skincare can get to, you might be shocked that famous men are also dipping their toe into the weird and wonderful side of beauty.

Whether it’s a wacky facial or dropping thousands of dollars on products we have never heard of, skincare to the stars is a wild ride. We’ve decided to explore some of the most shocking skincare routines out there. Read on to find out how your favourite celebrity stays looking fresh.


Weird or wise?

We’ll start out with something that might not surprise you; Tom Cruise is as eccentric about his skincare as he is with… well, just about everything else. He isn’t one for Botox, but he does go in for facials made from nightingale excrement.

And he is not the only celeb man who likes this niche facial option. Chris Pratt has also been known to try facials made from excrement… this isn’t something we’d prefer, but it might be more beneficial than we know.


The natural world

David Beckham is someone that men and women alike look up to as a man with great style. His beauty routine is generally surprisingly simple - he is a fan of cleansing and moisturising. However, in order to supplement his everyday routine, he is committed to Botox and a treatment that involves injecting snake venom into his face. This sounds a little bit dangerous to us, but if it works for him, that’s great.


Young at heart

You may think of Justin Bieber as too young to have a crazy skincare routine, but it’s never too early to start taking care of your delicate skin! However, Bieber might be taking it a little far for us. He has been known to top up his regular routine, which includes regular manicures and pedicures, with some very interesting moisturising techniques.

His very well-groomed wife, Hailey Baldwin, encouraged Bieber to try moisturiser combined with his very own plasma. Using your own plasma in facials has been something the Hollywood elite have loved for years (unsurprisingly, Gwyneth Paltrow has tried this!) so it’s no surprise that the Canadian prince of pop has tried it.


American idols

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, doesn’t seem to have aged for as long as he has been on our screens, and we might just know his secret. While Ryan sticks to a fairly standard moisturising and serum routine, it comes with a secret ingredient… sheep’s placenta.

Yep. As well as getting facials using sheep’s placenta as the main ingredient, he also exclusively uses skincare products containing this unlikely source of youth and beauty.

This may be the weirdest celebrity skincare routine yet… and not one we would want to try out!

What about you? Are you tempted by any of these skincare routines? Would you opt for a facial made from animal placenta or, perhaps worse, excrement? Do you buy into the idea that your own plasma could keep you forever young? Or do you like to keep it simple? While we might take some skincare hacks from these celebrities… we definitely won’t be stealing them all!

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