Five benefits of natural skin care products

December 07, 2018

Five benefits of natural skin care products

Once thought of as the domain of hippies and kooks, natural skin care products have cast off their bohemian image and are quickly becoming mainstream. This is due in part to the fact that beauty experts have started learning more about the positive effects natural products can have on the body and mind. What’s more, as the men’s skin care industry wakes up to the potential of natural products, formulations are becoming better and more effective than ever. If you’re on the lookout for ways to detox your life and body, read on and allow us to convince you of the power of swapping your chemical-laden men’s skin care products with something a little less artificial.

 Reasons to switch to natural skin care products today:   

1.They’re less likely to cause irritation

Amazingly, the world of skin care is much less regulated than you might think, and many of the big producers of synthetic skin care products are fairly lax about the kinds of chemicals that go into them.    

It may not come as a surprise that synthetic solutions are more likely to cause skin irritation than their natural alternatives. Indeed, while some plant extracts may still produce some reactions in some individuals that prone to skin irritations, these reactions tend to be rare and much more uncommon compared to artificial formulations, which in the manufacturing process require formulators in many cases  to wear productive gloves on their skin, illustrating the potential harm they can do to you.  

2. Some synthetic solutions are associated with serious health issues

While many of us are keen to avoid raw and blotchy skin, there are much more serious health risks to many synthetic products that are all too easy to overlook. For example, some of the chemicals allowed to go into an array of popular skin care products are associated with reproductive issues and an increased cancer risk. They can even disrupt the body’s natural ability to detoxify, leaving unwitting consumers feeling lousy and their skin looking dull. Do your body a favour and opt for detoxifying natural formulations.   

3.Natural products tend to be ethical products

Producers of artificial skin care products are much less concerned about factors such as the environment, meaning many harmful chemicals end up clogging our drains. Opting for natural products is a much more ethical option including being cruelty free and also offering vegan skincare options  

4.They’re just as effective as synthetic products (if not more effective)

In the past, the notion that natural products are less effective than artificial products may have had some truth to it. Today, however, there are plenty of natural options available that have been formulated to be just as effective, if not more so. From men’s face moisturiser to natural shaving products, there are plenty of natural alternatives to keep you looking and feeling great.   

5.They work on both the body and soul

 There’s no better feeling than treating yourself to effective, natural products, safe in the knowledge that you’re detoxifying your body and embracing ethical choices. Buy natural skin care products today by browsing our fantastic offerings for all skin types.

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