How Healthy Living Helps Your Skin

May 03, 2017

How Healthy Living Helps Your Skin

You should use specialist men’s skin care products to properly look after your skin, to make it look healthy, and to slow the signs of aging. To get the best results, however, you need to live a healthy lifestyle as well as practising an effective skin care regimen including using quality mens grooming products, this means eating healthily, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and avoiding things that are harmful to your body, such as smoking.

 Exercise and Your Skin

Exercise keeps you fit as well as improving your overall health, but it can also help you get vibrant and healthy-looking skin. It does this by increasing the blood flow around your body. This nourishes your skin cells by providing oxygen and nutrients while also carrying away waste.

Exercise can also reduce the impact of skin conditions like eczema and acne as it helps to lower levels of stress.

Our range of skin care products, like our Intensive Face Moisturiser, are designed to be gym friendly. They have a masculine design and come in aluminium bottles, so they are perfect for your gym or sports bag.

Healthy Eating and Your Skin

What you eat has an impact on how your skin looks too. At the very least, you should avoid unhealthy and overly processed foods in favour of a well-balanced diet. There are some types of food that are particularly beneficial to your skin however. These include: 

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - All types of fruits and vegetables will help give you healthier and younger-looking skin, but some of the best are pumpkins, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, and papaya.


  • Foods rich in vitamin C - Examples include oranges, blackcurrants, broccoli, blueberries, papaya, kiwi fruit, and strawberries.


  • Foods rich in vitamin E - Examples include hazelnuts, avocados, and almonds.


  • Healthy fats - Fats also help your skin, particularly the fats in foods like fish, walnuts, and avocados. 

In addition to eating a healthy diet, you should also ensure you drink plenty of water every day. 

Smoking and Your Skin 

Smoking can damage your health in a number of different ways, but it also makes your skin look lifeless, dry, and discoloured. This is because your skin gets less oxygen when you smoke. Also, smoking restricts blood flow around your body as well as depleting your skin of nutrients. 

As a result, smoking has an impact on the appearance of your skin as well as leaving it more susceptible to damage. 

Sleep and Your Skin 

Getting enough sleep is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. One of the reasons for this is that your cells regenerate while you sleep, including your skin cells. Therefore, for healthy-looking skin, you should never deprive yourself of sleep.  

Getting enough sleep also helps prevent puffiness around your eyes, so it enhances the impact of using products like Ultra Lifting Eye Serum and the Age Defence Eye Cream

Living a healthy lifestyle as described above will help to prevent disease while also improving your mental health and giving you energy. Those reasons on their own are enough to start living healthy, but the impact on your skin will be significant too. In other words, you will feel great and will look great too.

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