How to prevent and treat pimples and breakouts

February 01, 2020

men's acne

It’s always before a significant occasion or important work meetings that we experience unwanted breakouts on our skin. Especially during times of high stress, our skin can be incredibly unpredictable, resulting in unpleasant, painful blemishes when we least suspect. In this article, we share an ideal everyday male skincare routine for managing and avoiding pimples and breakouts, demonstrating how easy these changes are to implement today.

Daily cleansing

Easily the most effective and simple step towards pimple preventions is daily deep cleansing. With cleansing, you’re removing the build-up of dirt, grime, oil and product use, such as sunscreen, from clogging your pores. For the best results, cleanse daily, in the morning and evenings preferably.

Choosing the right men's skincare product for you is based on your skin’s needs and oil production; some cleansers specifically address excessive oil in men, while others help those with dry or combination skin. By opting for natural cleansers, with organic ingredients, you ensure you aren’t exposing your skin to additional parabens and impurities that aggravate your sensitive areas and cause breakouts.


Add moisturiser to your routine

Moisturisers act to balance the pH in your skin, especially the excessive oil production that causes most breakouts around the forehead, nose and chin. With daily moisturiser application, you’re easily able to reduce the likelihood of an unexpected outbreak by concentrating on your problem areas. As well as prevention, moisturising helps to repair any damaged skin, which can be the catalyst of breakouts for some men. When choosing your moisturiser, it's crucial to prioritise natural, organic skincare brands, as these won’t contain added irritants that damage the skin further.


Add exfoliation to your routine

For some men, breakouts can occur simply because of trapped, dead skin cells, building up under the skin’s surface. With an exfoliator gentle enough for the face, you remove the build-up, helping to unclog the pores all the while encouraging skin cell renewal. This technique also addresses the breeding ground for bacteria, eliminating build-up responsible for repeat breakouts.


Invest in a spot treatment

Despite all of our best efforts, pimples occur and need addressing almost instantly. Thankfully, most natural skincare lines for men offer a Blemish spot reduction treatment that can be applied directly to the affected area in an emergency. This treatment will reduce the inflammation around the area, easing the spot and its appearance quickly.

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