Men's Skin Care | How To Reduce The Appearance of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes.

October 08, 2016

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Combat Dark Circles with Men's Botanics

Have you ever woken up looking like you have done a few rounds with Mike Tyson or have someone ask you “ wow, did you have a big night?,” when the matter of fact is that you were tucked in bed by 9pm and had a solid 8 hours sleep.

Many men suffer from the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes; it’s a common condition that is unfortunately experienced by many. Dark circles are normally caused by the blood vessels under the eyes skin, the skin under the eyes are so fine that the blood vessels can be seen through the skin.

Need a solution? The Men’s Botanics Age Defence Eye Cream contains many extracts that help remedy not only dark circles under eyes but also help combat premature aging through other effective ingredients such as Fucoidan Extract and Grapeseed Extract.

One of the Key Ingredients that we will investigate a bit further here is - Kakadu Plum Extract.

Kakadu Plum is mother nature’s best kept secret in skin care, it’s only now after years of trialing and testing that skin care manufactures have discovered the natural powers and medicinal benefits of Kakadu Plum in men’s skin care. One of the key powers of Kakadu Plum is its ability to build collagen and plump men’s skin, which therefore helps improve the signs of Dark Circles.

So what is the Kakadu Plum? The Kakadu Plum a tall fruit that is common in Northern Parts of Australia. It is rich in Vitamins C, and E, folic acid and carotenoids, these Vitamins are well known to reverse the effects of free radical damage, improve collagen production and therefore help combat the signs of ageing, including Dark Circles. More information on the Kakadu Plum can be found on our key Ingredients details page, that lists our key ingredients that are used to make Men’s Botanics

Kakadu Plum features in the following Men’s Botanics Skin care Products

Age Defence Eye Cream

Intensive Face Moisturiser

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