How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

May 18, 2017

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

With the rise of social media, we all have days where we simply don’t feel up to par. Everyone’s tagging their new sleek hairstyle, posting pictures from their latest vacation, updating statuses about their luxury lifestyle, showing off their bodies post men's exercise classes, and well, you’re on social media watching it happen. We all do it but it’s time to stop comparing yourself and your life to others. Learn how to be the best version of yourself and you’ll be way more envious than the people posting edited photos on social media. Here’s how to start your day off right and finish it off even better, so you can start improving yourself for no one else other than you.

 Start the morning with a motivation manifestation

Affirmative phrases are a powerful way to start your day off right. It might feel weird talking to yourself in the mirror but do it anyway. As you see the benefits, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

So, wake up and look in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re going to have a great day, you’re going to be successful, you’re doing to achieve whatever it is you’re aiming for. The mind Men’s Grooming, improving yourself, Men’s Exercise, meditation for health, Skin care Productsis a powerful thing and with regular motivational mornings, you can keep the positive vibes flowing throughout the day.

Look after your appearance with a quality men’s grooming regime   

While looks aren't everything,  healthy appearance is. Just think about how much better you feel once you’ve showered after lounging on the couch all afternoon on a rainy Sunday. It's simple - when you take care of your appearance, you feel better. So, toss the cheap products from the corner store in the trash and invest in quality men’s grooming and skincare products. Take the time to style your hair, clean your skin, and look manicured. It might seem shallow at first but the true benefits go far beyond what meets the eye.  

Make it a priority to be active every day

Daily activity isn’t about getting ripped or looking like a model on GQ. Mind you, if that’s what you’re aiming for it certainly helps along with regular trips to the gym. However, daily activity is more about keeping your body and mind healthy by getting off the couch. When you’re lazy, your physical and mental health follow en suite, and it’s going to negatively impact the way you look, feel, and think. So, make it a priority to get moving; take daily walks; go for a morning jog, participate in men's exercise or join a gym. Men’s Grooming, improving yourself, Men’s Exercise, meditation for health, Skin care ProductsEverything else will quickly align.

Turn off the technology and escape the noise

If you can resonate with the negative effects of social media, this tip is definitely for you. However, it’s just as beneficial to everyone else. Technology consumes our lives. It’s everywhere you look, on everything you touch, and getting even harder to escape. Just visit your local supermarket, even the cashiers are being replaced by machines. So, now more than ever, you need to learn how to unplug. Make it a goal each day to keep your phone in your car, turn off the television, avoid the internet and just be in the moment. Find time to entertain and relax without the need for technology, and silence the noise surrounding you.  It'll give you a newfound appreciation for who you are and how you like to spend your time. 

Go after the things you want

You know the saying, ‘good things come to those who wait,” but the reality is, good things come to those who go after what they want. You don’t get a promotion by going through the mundane tasks of your job each day, you don’t get fit by waiting for your body to figure it out, and you certainly don’t improve if you don’t do step forward in life. So, stop waiting. Get out there, be vulnerable and go after the things you want.  

 There’s only one you and you deserve to be the best version of that. So, make these simple changes in your life and everything else will follow. Men's Botanics is all about improving yourself for no one other than yourself. 

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