Is Men’s Skin Really Any Different to Women?

May 16, 2017

Is Men’s Skin Really Any Different to Women?

There are many differences between male and female bodies, and the skin is no exception – men’s skin is very different to women’s. Understanding these differences will highlight why it’s so important that you look after your skin and think about skin care with men’s grooming

Oil Secretion

Male skin has more oil because testosterone, the male sex hormone, causes the skin to produce oils, which lubricates and maintains skins plumpness. This continues until about the age of 50, when the level of testosterone produced – and, therefore, the levels of oil – begin to decline.

The female sex hormone, oestrogen, has the opposite effect – it suppresses the production of natural oils.

For men, higher levels of oil on the skin has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the presence of oil slows the signs of aging, so skin stays younger looking for longer. The negative side is that higher levels of oils can clog skin pores. This can lead to high rates of skin conditions like acne, black heads, and skin breakouts.

The best way to counteract this is to cleanse regularly using a cleanser that is specially formulated for male skin – such as a quality Men’s Grooming product, Men's Botanics Ultra Power Cream Cleanser.

Accelerated Age Process

Men may appear to have better skin early in life BUT Men’s skin often appears to age faster once they become 50 years of age and older. This is because men’s testosterone levels reduce including oil production and since many men fail to practice in Men’s Grooming Routines early to help protect their skin.

Women on the other hand take a much more proactive approach to skin care than men. Most women, in fact, have a strict skin care routine that they go through to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Many men don't do this.

So, while men's skin does age slower, when wrinkles do appear, they are more pronounced as they get to the later ages in life

There's more to this too. Male skin is generally 25 percent thicker than female skin, which gives men greater protection from the sun. However, in the latter part of middle age, the skin becomes thinner, leaving it more susceptible to sun damage. Again, as mentioned, men typically don't take a proactive approach to skin care, this damage is often accelerated in males.

What About Shaving?

Yes, shaving is also an issue. Shaving removes the hairs from your face, but it also removes the top layer of skin, leaving it exposed to potential damage. Over the course of your lifetime, Men are likely to shave around 16,000 times – that's a lot of forcefully removed skin, This, of course, is less of an issue for women, as they don't have as much hair on their face. Applying a quality face moisturiser immediately after you shave will help to repair your skin, while also soothing the skin and helping to prevent irritation. That’s why investing in quality Men’s Shaving Products is important for men!

If you are in your 20s, 30s, or early/mid 40s, the message is clear – you might not think you have to do much with your skin now, but once you hit your late 40s and 50s, your skin will be less protected. You should start looking after it as soon as possible and start with the basics using uncomplicated organic skin care for men.

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