Men’s Fashion Stables Every Man Should Own

May 18, 2017

Men’s Fashion Stables Every Man Should Own

So, you’ve spent all these years getting away with wearing jeans, a tee, and sneakers to every occasion. However, as you transition from a boy to a man, you start to realize that men’s fashion is more important than you ever thought before.

Quality men's grooming products will help you achieve healthy younger looking skin and it's a great place to start, but the healthy look need to be complimented with the right threads. So, if you’re ready to change your look from dude to dapper to create a standout, sophisticated impression people take seriously as you’re out for casual drinks, lunch or dinner, this men’s style guide will get you started.



A Good, Quality Cut Jeans

All these years, you thought jeans were jeans but as you begin to explore your dapper side, you’ll see that not all jeans are created equally. There are jeans and then there are jeans that actually look good.  

Every man needs a good, quality, fitted pair of jeans that can be worn with everything in your closet. So, trade in your basic jeans for quality denim that look more sophisticated than sluggish – and that feel just as comfortable.

Plain White and Plain Black Shirt

If there’s anything a man needs to know about men’s fashion, it’s versatile clothing. These are the kinds of men’s fashion and men’s clothing accessories that you can easily pair with anything in your wardrobe.

As such, a plain white tee and a plain black t-shirt are absolute musts within any men’s style guide. While a basic tee is suffice, consider adding some v—necks into your new wardrobe. They're popular choices that look a little more classy and a little less casual, without taking away from the versatility of a tee. 

Men's Fashion Tips

Smart Blazer

Now that you have the basics of a men’s style guide down, it’s time to move into the men’s fashion and clothing accessories that will create your dapper appeal. A smart blazer is a must, as it can turn a very casual look into a stylish casual look. You just throw it on over top of your new V-necks and your outfit changes from simple to statement. 

Quality Leather Boots or Shoes

One of the easiest ways to take a casual outfit and turn it into the definition of men’s fashion is with quality leather boots or shoes. Just think about it - you see three men wearing jeans, one has sandals on, another has sneakers on, and the last one has
leather shoes on. The man with quality leather footwear is going to be taken more seriously. So, forbid the sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers the next time you wear your denim.  

Luxury Wristwatch

Wristwatches are making a huge comeback, especially within men’s clothing accessories – and for many good reasons. They have the ability to effortlessly showcase your luxurious, stylish side but just any watch won't do.

The key is to wear luxury, quality wristwatches instead of rubber or plastic sport watches, and to keep your hand's well manicured. People will be looking as they catch a glimpse of your standout watch, so don't neglect this area. Even the most luxurious watches can't make up for rugged, dirty hands. So, get the most out of your standout wristwatch by keeping your hands are well manicured. 


Quality Sunglasses

Replace those $20 frames you picked up from the corner store; they aren’t protecting your eyes the way sunglasses should anyway. A good pair of shades will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, while also protecting your skin from sun damage which eventually leads to wrinkles. So, invest in a pair of quality sunglasses for better style, health, and a must for any men's skincare regime. 


A well-dressed man demands respect without saying anything at all. Wearing proper, quality men's fashion will give you the one-up on everyone else in the crowd. It's an excellent way to make a statement and give off a first impression people won't forget. So, start transforming your look from dude to dapper by trading out the cheap, generic things in your life, and don’t forget to think outside of your wardrobe. Having quality men’s grooming products are the key to completing your new, sophisticated, dapper look.

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