Natural Hand Care - How to protect your hands naturally

April 19, 2020

Natural Hand Care - How to protect your hands naturally

When it comes to looking after your bodies skin, one of the first parts of your body to suffer the effects of skin damage including showing the effects of premature aging is your hands.

Your hands are the work horse in your life, they do it all for you from cooking, cleaning, typing, laboring and Exercising and because of their constant use and exposure to the elements, they are often subjected to harsh conditions that not only need cleansing but they need some TLC so that they can serve you longer while also maintaining a healthy appearance.

How to look after your hands

Some just think that a quick wash or sanitise is all that is needed for hand care. Well if you’re a cave man, maybe but we have come further than that these days and have found that proper hand care routine can really make a difference when it comes to looking after your hands.

Hand Cleanser

With the recent attention on hand washing we are finding that a lot more people are washing their hands but they are opting for harsh chemical-based soaps when washing their hands. If you can, always opt for a natural body wash or hand cream cleanser. These products not only clean your hands with the added natural extracts they won’t strip the natural oils of your skin and instead will help leave them clean and also soothed and hydrated.

Hand Exfoliator

This is a step that many don’t think of doing, like exfoliating the face and remind dead skin cells and skin impurities, it’s highly recommended to exfoliate oh hands. To remember this process, the day you exfoliate you’re face get and spend an extra 5 minutes exfoliate your hands. Choose a Natural exfoliator that uses coffee powder, walnut, Jojoba Beads, Coconut, or sea salt as the exfoliators to ensure your skin is naturally and gently exfoliated while also providing restorative and hydrating minerals to the skin. You don’t need to look for hand specific exfoliators, most face or body exfoliators are perfect for hand exfoliating.

Hand Moisturiser

The last and important step and the one that your hands will love you for us moisturising. When moisturising, choose a natural hand or body moistuirser that is packed with hydro boosting and skin repairing botanical extracts, that not only hydrate the skin but also feeds and protects the skin from future damage. Frequent washing and daily use can leave you hands dry and cracked, applying a quality moisturiser throughout the day and just before bed will help combat skin irritations on you hands while also ensuring they are protected from free radicals

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