New D.I.Y Face Scrub Mix for men leads the way in self-care

March 13, 2021

Face Scrub

Now more than ever, men of all ages appreciate the need to look their best. From maintaining regular exercise and eating well to higher standards of self-grooming, today’s men are more discerning about the products they choose in their quest to look their best. And they are more adept at taking matters of self-care into their own hands.

A product for all skin types

The new D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix from Men’s Botanics gives men an opportunity to take skincare into their own hands – literally. This face scrub mix comes in the form of a vitamin-enriched botanical powder that can be mixed with an existing face cleanser to make a scrub mix that is suitable for each individual's skin and skincare preferences.

This D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix is all about quality and control. The quality is in the ingredients – packed with vitamin C and malic acid, an organic compound that contributes to the sour taste in fruits. There is nothing sour though in the experience of control offered by this scrub mix. Every man is different and has different needs when it comes to their skincare. Men’s Botanics D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix accommodates these differences through the way its application can be customised and controlled.

Skincare in the home

There is a growing need for products and services to adapt to and complement the home-based environment during COVID times when lockdowns and self-isolation have become the norm. As Jacob Jackson from Men’s Botanics explains, the D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix responds to the challenge of our times particularly when self-care in the home takes on added importance and frequency.

“What COVID has shown us is that customers are continually looking for ways to help themselves feel good, from home exercise, scented home candles during lockdown and also skincare products like exfoliates and moisturisers that ensure they maintain self-care and skin health. This home skincare trend has enabled us to expand our range and offer more options for self-care."

How to apply

Applying the face scrub mix is easy. Simply mix a small amount into a cleanser and rub gently into wet skin with a circular motion. The ratio of scrub mix to cleanser can be altered depending on whether users are after a light or intensive scrub.

Face cleansers and face scrubs essentially do the same thing, that is, keep skin clean and clear. However, a cleanser allows a milder form of face wash which can be applied daily. A face scrub, by nature, is more intensive through the application of grains to the skin to remove dead cells, i.e., exfoliation. Face scrubs don’t need to be applied as frequently as a cleanser alone, but that depends on skin type and the environmental conditions to which a man's skin is exposed.

A brighter, fresher face

The vitamin C in Men’s Botanics D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix is particularly beneficial for brightening dull skin. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the repair of tissue and features in quality skincare products. The malic acid works to exfoliate the skin to achieve a fresh, renewed face. Malic acid is a naturally occurring substance in every living organism. Its sourness and acidity help to remove dead skin cells when applied to the skin.

Exfoliating the skin not only removes dead skin cells but maximises the benefits of an overall skincare routine by allowing moisturisers and cleansers to be more easily absorbed by the skin. The use of a face scrub also keeps the pores of the facial skin open to prevent acne and other skin blemishes from occurring.

To find out more about the D.I.Y. Face Scrub Mix, contact Men’s Botanics today.

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