Protect your skin from free radicals

March 19, 2019

Protect your skin from free radicals

Have you heard of free radicals? A variety of chemical processes can result in the production of free radicals, which are single oxygen atoms that travel through the body, looking for an additional electron to complete them.

Free radicals can come from food, the air we breathe (pollution is a worryingly source of free radicals) and the houses and offices we work in. Left unchecked, they have the capacity to cause significant damage to skin cells. Known as oxidative stress, over time free radicals can leave skin prematurely aged, as well as potentially causing a number of serious conditions. Because of the amount of air pollution and other contaminants in our everyday environment, skin care for men in order to minimise the damage that free radicals cause is now a priority.

Men's skin care products which moisturise, cleanse and protect

It's no longer just men in their 40s and older who need to use skincare: men in their late teens, early 20s and 30s really should be embracing a protective skincare regime in order to minimise damage to their skin. Oxidative stress is cumulative, with the effects not becoming visible until significant damage has already occurred. For optimal benefit, it's important to use men's grooming products that provide gentle yet effective action, giving your skin the help it needs to stay in top condition.

Natural, plant-based ingredients without harsh additives

Our range of skin care products is carefully formulated from plant-based extracts and ingredients. These are scientifically proven to benefit the skin, at the same time as being widely tolerated and suitable for use on almost any skin type.

No nasties in our men's grooming products

Each of the items in our range is free from petrochemicals, harsh preservatives, toxins and artificial preservatives. Made without the use of bulking agents or fillers, only very small quantities of each product are needed to achieve optimal effects. Botanical ingredients such as hemp oil, vitamin E and aloe vera are known to reduce the effects of ageing and improve hydration: transform your skin care routine now with natural products that provide the support your skin needs.


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