Men's Skin Care | Razor Burns: How to Solve Razor Burns for Men

September 28, 2016

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Razor Burns can be one of the most uncomfortable yet common conditions that men suffer In their daily grooming routines. Razor Burn can affect men in different severities, from lasting a few minutes to in some cases lasting all day. Razor Burns result in burning sensations to the skin, leave the skin looking red and sore or may even cause further skin irritations such itchiness, rash and inflammation.

Razor Burns occur due to a number of factors but luckily there are solutions to prevent razor burns from happening and remedies should you suffer from razor burns. Following are the most common men's skin care remedies to combat further irritating razor burns and shaving irritations.

  • Blade
Always use a sharp blade, whether you use electric or disposal blade, ensure that it’s sharp. Blunt blades will pull your bristles and bump across your skin causing cuts and irritate the skin.
  •  Shaving Cream

Always use a high quality Vitamin enriched men's shaving cream like Men’s Botanics Dual Action Shave Cream.  When you shave you are also removing some skin, so you want to ensure the cream you use is Vitamin enriched to help soothe the skin while you shave. Avoid supermarket brands full of petrochemicals this will cause you more irritations during and after shaving. A good quality Vitamin enriched shave cream will also help ensure you don’t get ingrown hairs, which could lead to further future  irritations

  •  Shaving Technique

Always shave with the grain – you don’t drive against the traffic because that causes gridlock and havoc, the rule same applies to shaving, shave with the grain for limited friction, burn and havoc to your skin.

Many men feel they need to go against the grain to get that baby bum texture, DON’T! If you use the right shaving cream and technique you will receive that smooth feeling even when shaving with the grain.

Don’t put pressure on the blade when you shave, some men feel that their skin is as thick as the hind of a Rhino, well it’s not! Go easy on your skin and run the blade across it as if it was a blade on ice.

Don’t try and shave with the one motion, you need to rinse your blade after even stroke to unclog your blade from your shaved bristles and cream.

  •  Skin Preparation

The shaving action of the shaving routine is actually really step 2 or 3 of the Shaving process. Always wash you face with a quality Men's Facial Cleanser like the Men’s Botanics Ultra Power Cleanser to help remove dirt and soften the bristles before the shave. Use a men's face exfoliator 2 – 3 times a week to help remove dead skin, blackheads and to lift bristles from your face to ensure you get  a smooth shave.

  •  Post Shave  Care

Always finish off a shave with some post shave balm, you may be tempted to splash alcohol but hold off on this until you have applied some soothing balm to your tender skin. Use a quality Vitamin enriched balm like the men’s Botanics Combat Post Shave Cream that  will help soothe and protect you skin and preparation for future shaves, look for ingredient extracts like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Meadowfoam oil and Green Tea Extract, that act as Skin Conditioning and contains antibacterial properties  to ensure any irritations are addressed.

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