Should guys do skin care?

April 22, 2021

Should guys do skin care?

The concept of men not needing a good skincare routine is one that’s long been disproven, especially when it comes to keeping your skin looking fresher, younger, and all-around healthier. After all, skin is skin – and whether you’re male or female, taking good care of the body you have is the best way to feel good inside and out.

So, should guys do skincare, and what’s the best place to start to create a men’s skincare routine that ticks all the boxes? While there’s no one foolproof way to achieve beautiful skin, starting with a natural skincare for men routine can be an excellent way to embrace skincare without committing to the full ten-step k-beauty treatment.


Why is skincare important for guys?

Skincare is important for guys in the same way it’s important for women. Good, quality skincare can help reduce signs of ageing, remove texture and blemishes, and even protect against environmental issues like sun damage. But while there’s an abundance of skincare options for women, what’s on the market for men tends to be more straightforward. Think three-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel – but for your face.

Just throwing the odd bit of TLC into your routine isn’t enough for skincare to make a real difference. That’s why quality, consistent skincare is the vital ingredient to improving skin, boosting that confidence, and getting your complexion looking better than ever. If you want to look your best, why not take the time to care for your face in the same way you might your hair or beard?


What options are there for men’s skin care routines?

The market for female skincare is bursting at the seams with toners, moisturisers and hundreds of other potions and products. But when it comes to what’s out there for men, the selection is far less expansive. However, if you’re serious about getting started on a skincare routine, you don’t need to try everything under the sun. Starting with the basics is the best way to build up good habits practically and easily.

To start filling out your skincare routine, a good cleanser and moisturiser are the place to start. Using a moisturiser daily can help keep your skin plumped, elastic and healthy throughout the day. On the other hand, a cleanser allows you to strip off any dirt you’ve picked up along the way and removes excess oil to prevent blemishes and blackheads. Adding a good-quality sunscreen is also vital to a good routine, protecting you from the sun and keeping your skin in peak condition.

If you’re serious about the clean-shaven look, you also might want to add some great shaving skincare into your routine. An exfoliator can help prevent ingrown hairs, while a suitable shave soap can ensure a smooth and even shave with no nicks and cuts. If you want your clean face to look its best, utilising the correct skincare can make all the difference.


Finding the best  highly natural skincare for men

While male skincare certainly doesn’t have the same level of exposure as women’s skincare, there is still a range of choices on the market and its getting bigger each year as more men embrace skin health. You can even pick up certain pieces in the supermarket alongside your weekly shop. If you’re serious about making your skin look and feel great, opting for high-quality products is the best option. While cheaper brands may cost less up-front, they do far less for your skin – and in some cases, can even lead to allergic reactions and dryness depending on the product.

Simple, effective, and natural skincare is a great way to incorporate a little more TLC into your daily routine effortlessly. Botanic ingredients won’t harm the skin or leave it feeling tight and dry, while synthetics-free cleansers and moisturisers do all the work without any downsides of the more artificial options on the market. If you want to do skincare right, going natural is your best bet.

At Men’s Botanics, we make Australian-made, fresh skincare that does everything it needs to for you to look and feel great. Designed for all skin types and created from all-natural ingredients, our range of products make skincare easy. With a full routine already curated for you, all you have to do is 'add to cart' and enjoy the results that great skincare can have on your confidence.


Embrace happier, natural skin today

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