Skin Care for Men 101: Three Things You Need to Know

April 24, 2017

Skin Care for Men 101: Three Things You Need to Know

Men are starting to care about their skin care more and more – and it’s about time. Your skin is subjected to just as much environmental stress as women, if not more so depending on whether you work a manual labour job or not. Either way, your skin is taking on some serious damage on a regular basis and the only way to treat, reverse, and prevent the signs of aging and further damage is to use proper men’s skin care.

And yes, men’s skin care is a thing; it consists of specific men’s facial products designed for guys - just like you - and not for your girlfriend. 

So, where do you start? Start at Men’s Botanics. Here are the three things you need to know about skincare for men.   

Avoid Generic, Basic Men’s Facial Products

The first place most men go when on the hunt for men’s skin care products is the local chemist or supermarket. After all, where else does a guy find men’s Skin Care products? Well, NOW they can turn to Men’s Botanics or at the very least, a store that offers quality, natural, organic skin care for men.

This is important for many reasons with the main one being, basic products are going to give you basic result – if that. Think of skincare as steak; you wouldn’t buy the cheapest, genetically modified chunk of meat in the grocery store because you know it won’t be good, it will be full of preservatives. The same can be said about skincare. Spend a little more and receive a lot more, plus it wont be harmful to you or your skin.

Finding Organic Skin Care for Men

Now you’re probably wondering how to tell the difference between basic skincare for men and skincare for men that’s worth paying for. The answer? It’s all in the ingredients. If you pick up bottles. tubes and jars of generic men’s facial products and turn to the ingredients label, you will find all kinds of scientific, weird, impossible-to-pronounce ingredients listed, it's a sure fire clue that you’re likely getting junk. At the very least, you’re getting skincare that’s packed with chemicals that will probably do more damage than good. Remember that steak – no one wants to devour chemicals and rubbing them into your skin isn’t any better.

A rule of thumb many women follow is, ‘if there are more than 10 ingredients you don’t know, it’s not good’.

So, look for organic skin care for men specifically, or natural skin care for men. The tricky part is that many companies can claim to be organic but can still include a concoction of chemicals within their skin care products. Again, refer back to the ingredients. You should see natural items such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Kakadu Plum extract, Jojoba Oil, etc. 

Your Girlfriend’s Skincare Products Won’t Cut It

Lastly, in order to receive results, you need skincare for men – not skincare for women, or skincare for anyone, everyone and anything, and not skincare from your girlfriend or from your mom’s collection.

Men are built differently; a product designed for women or designed without anyone in mind is not going to give you the results you’re looking for. Instead, you need to shop not only men’s facial products but quality versions. Often times, these consist of natural skin care for men, which you just learned about in the previous section.  

To make skincare for men even easier, shop Men’s Botanics. We’ve done the hard work and all that’s left for you to do is use the organic skin care for men available. Men's Botanics is also beginning to pop up in other store, if your local store doesn't stock it - get them to.



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