The benefits of olive oil in skincare

March 10, 2021

The benefits of olive oil in skincare

The use of olive oil in skincare regimes dates back to ancient times when Egyptians used it as a powerful cleanser, antibacterial application and moisturiser. As far back as when Cleopatra ruled, the historical icon would praise olive oil for her radiant complexion and eternal beauty. Ancient philosophers called olive oil "liquid gold".

Flash forward to today, and olive oil continues to be utilised as a standout skincare ingredient. From olive oil body washes to cleansers, soaps and moisturisers, the benefits of olive oil in the bathroom are vast, and this natural ingredient will leave your skin clean and hydrated.

What does olive oil do for your skin? Let's dive into it!

Why is olive oil such a powerful natural skincare ingredient?

Olive oil isn't just a healthy pantry staple that is used across the world in the kitchen, but the benefits of olive oil in your skincare regime are also lengthy.

So what is it about olive oil that makes it such an exceptional beauty product?

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, making its anti-inflammatory properties a soothing application for inflamed skin. Olive oil is also a powerful moisturiser, nourishing the skin and preventing water loss, resulting in a glowing complexion. On top of that, olive oil is jam-packed with antibacterial properties, which studies have shown are effective in clearing up staph infections, abscesses and ulcers.

How can I use olive oil in my skincare routine?

Many people use olive oil as a primary ingredient in homemade face and hair masks or take advantage of its antioxidant levels to apply to scars to speed up the healing process. On top of that, many top brands are including olive oil in their natural body washes, resulting in clear, nourished skin all across your body. Olive oil on its own is a natural wrinkle treatment and is just as powerful as many anti-ageing skincare products on the market. If you've spent too much time in the sun, olive oil is an exceptional anti-sun treatment that works fast to repair damaged skin cells while topping up your skin's moisture content.

Olive oil packs a punch on broken cuticles, strengthens nails when applied as a hand cream, is an essential ingredient in the best lip scrubs, gives your hair and skin extra shine, is a nourishing replacement for shaving cream and nappy rash treatment - the list goes on!

The benefits of olive oil body washes

Olive oil body washes are the best wash to give your entire body a hit of this natural skin treatment. The best olive oil body washes are those that are free of skin irritants, are soap-free and also include plant-based extracts that work alongside olive oil to provide your skin with only the best natural benefits.

To give your body the best once-over with an olive oil body wash, either apply directly with your hands or apply to a gentle loofah and massage across your entire body. Once you're out of the shower, seal your skin's moisture levels with an olive oil moisturiser for a complete olive oil spa day.

Now that you know about all the benefits of olive oil, now it is time to include it in your daily beauty regime. Investing in a high-quality olive oil body wash is the most time-sensitive way to treat your entire body to the benefits of this natural oil. A daily lather in the shower will not only awaken your senses but will leave your skin soft, supple, clean and nourished.

Olive oil hasn't been called "liquid gold" for thousands of years for nothing, and we can't wait for you to discover just how powerful it is.

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