March 28, 2017

Mans Face and eyes using  Mens facial products

Take your eye area from looking worse for wear to fresh-faced in a flash.

Early mornings are tough enough as it is, so the last thing you need is to look in the mirror and see two tired, puffy eyes staring back at you.

You'll probably already know from personal experience that the eye area is where the first tell-tale signs of skin ageing and tiredness appear. Unfortunately, for many of us, these are a genetic legacy, but even for those who are naturally predisposed to them there are ways to relieve the problem. And whether your problem is lines, racoon-like dark circles, or both, salvation is at hand. Just follow the sure-fire steps below to banish those dreaded bags.


The quickest way to get a head start on reducing eye area nasties is to invest in a good quality product designed specifically for the delicate eye area.  At just 0.5mm thick, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body, which means that your average moisturiser is far too thick for the job.

Eye cream is designed to hydrate and deliver nutrients to the sensitive, thin skin around your eyes where wrinkles often first appear. Top products either plump up skin to minimise the appearance of any fine lines you presently have or target the cell turnover process to slow the formation of future wrinkles.

For daytime use, try eye care for men from Men’s Botanics like their Age Defence Eye Cream, which is packed with collagen stimulating, potent botanical-rich ingredients, helping to improve the firmness of the skin and reducing skin damage. Come evening, try a mens eye serum from Men's Botanics called Ultra Lifting Eye Serum. Given that skin repairs itself primarily overnight, this serum is an essential. Stimulating natural collagen production and cell renewal, the unique PEPHA®-TIGHT ingredient tightens, lifts and firm.  

With both products, how you apply is crucial.  Dispense a tiny blob per eye and, applying with your ring finger (this finger has the lightest touch), gently tap into the skin moving from the outer eye area towards your nose and then on your lids until absorbed. A light touch is needed when applying this product as stretching out your skin will encourage wrinkles rather than get rid of them.


Need a quick fix to disguise a late night when you have a big day in the office? Turn to your kitchen cupboard for the ultimate in bargain DIY grooming solutions: tea bags. Yep, place some unused wet green tea bags (green tea contains skin healing antioxidants) in the fridge or freezer and after they're suitably cold drape over the eye area and leave for about ten minutes and voila! The cold compress helps reduce swelling around your eyes and though it's only a temporary measure, it does make a difference.


The most natural way to combat the problem of dark circles under the eyes is to address the problem at its source - your diet. If you eat products containing too much sodium, or don’t drink enough water, the areas under your eyes are far more likely to swell and turn dark. If you eat a lot of salty snacks and foods during the day, consider switching to low sodium alternatives.


Eye bags can be the result of water retention, so be sure that you're drinking a lot of water because it helps to flush this fluid out. In addition, drinking more water plumps out the skin, albeit temporarily.  Paradoxically, drinking fluids before bedtime increases your body's fluid retention and the likelihood that it will settle around your eyes while you sleep.


If you want to tackle dark circles it may be time to curb your vices, namely smoking and alcohol. Smoking causes the blood vessels under your eyes to appear more prominent or more blue. When you quit smoking this should help reduce black circles and even bags under your eyes. Alcohol - being a diuretic - dehydrates the skin. So as you drink that schooner or down that tequila shot, your body will production of anti-diuretic hormones slows down. Excessive urination further speeds up the loss of bodily fluids. In addition, both alcohol and tobacco contain toxins that may lead to stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes, all of which can lead to fluid retention and swelling around the eyes.

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