The Guy's Guide to Exfoliation

December 18, 2016

Face Scrub For Men - Men's Botanics

Men's Skin Exfoliation

A great way to help men’s skin look fresh and younger is to assist the skins renewal process through skin exfoliation also known as scrub.

The process of skin exfoliation helps remove dead, weathered, dry skin cells and reveal fresh, clear new skin.

Exfoliation not only helps reveal new skin by ridding the skin of dead skin cells it also helps clean the skins pores, which may be clogged due to environmental conditions and oily skin. Clogged pores are known to leads to ingrown hairs, acne and increase the appearance of aging.

Another benefit for men who exfoliate is that they will also experience great shaves after exfoliating, the reason for this is that the exfoliating process helps to soften and expose beard follicles allowing a man to experience a closer shave and also eliminate the possibility of future ingrown since the exfoliating process would have revealed and lifted any ingrown follicles, they may be been hiding beneath the old skins surface.


How to Exfoliate:

  1. Wet your face with warm water so the men’s exfoliator and be easily applied and better absorbed into the skin after applying.
  2. Massage the exfoliation cream lightly into the skin, make sure you apply the exfoliating cream onto all areas you wish to exfoliate I,e the face, neck, bearded areas – some men may even want to exfoliate their hands and feet, as these areas become quite rough and dry. Massage in circular motion but doing scrub too hard as this may cause some irritations, a quality scrub like the Men’s Botanics Energising Face Scrub does not require vigorous scrubbing, you will get the benefits of renewed clear skin through light circular pressure to your skin.
  3. Rinse first with warm water and then finish off with cold water.
  4. You should try and scrub at least 2 to 3 times a week depending your skin and environmental condition
  5. After exfoliating, apply a quality Men’s Botanics Intensive Face Moisturiser to help rehydrate and lock in necessary nutrients to help your skin feel and look renewed

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