The Power of Fucoidan in Men's Skin Care

January 05, 2017

Men's Botanics Skin care For Men Ingredients

Fucoidan extract is derived from the seaweed harvested in the Tasmanian ocean.
There is a well-documented studies investigating the activity of fucoidan in skin Care,  In January 2008 a $1.5 million study supported by the Australian Government was commissioned to investigate the benefits of Fucoidan as both an oral and topical ingredient.
It was found that Fucoidan has a number of benefits in regards to promoting skin health, including:
  • Increasing skin thickness and elasticity
  • Inhibiting inflammation
  • Lightening skin pigmentation through the inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase (inhibits dark sports)
  • Increasing dermal (skin) fibroblast numbers
  • Combats glycation, which is the process of elastin and collagen degradation commonly associated with a loss of skin elasticity and the physical signs of aging. 
Fucoidan is a powerful ingredient to fight the signs of ageing and is featured in the Men's Botanics Age Defence Eye Cream.
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