Tips to reduce pores for smoother, more vibrant skin

May 12, 2018

Men's Natural Clay Mask

You'll probably know that pores are tiny hair follicles that produce natural oils to keep your skin looking bright and supple, but did you realise that day-to-day life and being in contact with pollution, dirt and sweat can fill your pores with a build-up of grime?

Sounds worrying, right? Well, fear not: a consistent skin care routine will refine and tighten the pores while replenishing and restoring the health of  the skin. Here's how to go about establishing one:

Removing congested dirt

Reach for up your vitamin enriched cleanser and pump a small amount in your hand. Using deep cleansing cream is specially formulated to lather into the pores and clean off any surface dirt and contaminated oils on the skin. When applying, you should move in small circular motions up and around the face. This increases blood flow to the face, helping to repair and rejuvenate.

The deep clean

Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! Exfoliation is important in any skin care regimen, especially if you want to remove debris from your pores. Again, use the circular upward motion when applying to your skin, ensuring you keep clear of your eyes, nostrils and mouth. Now you've removed the dead skin and dirt from your face, your skin will feel more sensitive, so use warm water and gently wash off the scrub. Do this once or twice a week, so your skin has plenty of time to replenish.

Reach for the Clay

Clay masks are great to help absorb excess oil and flush our impurities that contribute to pore clogging and oily skin . Look for masks that contain Kaolin clay, these are best for oil control and unclogging pores from excess oil and surface impurities. 

Now close the show

Finally, as a men's skin care tip, use cold water to wash the face. This helps tighten your pores. After drying your face, apply a small amount of face cream and apply lightly to ensure your skin is always hydrated. Find a  light, non-greasy product will protect your skin from pollution and dirt throughout the day.

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