What skin do you have? Breaking down the five different skin types

March 01, 2020

What skin do you have? Breaking down the five different skin types

Every man has a different skin type, and understanding your specific type of skin will help you take better care of it. When you shop for skincare, you will notice how each product is designed for particular skin types, addressing the specific facial concerns most people suffer from. Choosing the one right for you is impossible without knowing your skin classification first. Below, we help you determine your skin type, detailing the five types of skin, what you’re likely to experience with each class, and the kind of skin care best for you.



A lucky few have healthy skin. What 'normal' refers to in skincare is balance - the person’s skin isn't overly drying or oily in any particular areas. Men with normal skin will observe consistent small-sized pores or imperfections, such as redness. Generally, men with normal skin don’t experience irritation from skincare or product application to the face.



Those with oily skin will understand the frustrations of shiny, greasy and outbreak-prone skin, and they are usually very astute at self-diagnosing their skin type. Men with oily skin typically experience excessive oil build-up throughout the nose, chin and forehead area, but can experience oil on the cheeks as well. The skin’s appearance is often dull, with enlarged pores and unwanted breakouts, and craves oil-control skincare produced with organic, natural ingredients, as these ingredients deter clogging and outbreaks.



As the skin is void of moisture and hydration, men with a dry complexion will notice their skin’s appearance is dull and shows the lines of their face more significantly. What men with dry skin don’t experience is the bright glow of hydration, resulting in aged-looking skin beyond its years. Moisturising skin care is essential for dry skin sufferers, not only for appearance but to prevent splitting from occurring, causing irreparable damage. Products containing fragrances and alcohol can further promote dry skin, which most natural and organic varieties don't include.



The most challenging skin type to balance, and often recognise, is combination skin, as the person suffers symptoms of all skin types. What they get is usually a greasy build-up throughout the t-zone, around the nose and forehead, and dryness across the cheeks. Men with combination skin find themselves using a mixture of skincare products or a broad spectrum skincare to address their inconsistent tone.



For the unfortunate few who suffer from sensitive skin, there is a constant battle to manage the intolerance to most natural pollutants and artificial skin care products. Sensitive skin comes in many forms, as each person can experience different reactions; these can include redness, itching, burning and inflammation. For men with sensitive skin, understanding ingredients is vital, as natural skincare primarily is aimed at removing irritants that flare up sensitivities.

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