Why are natural ingredients good for your skin?

June 22, 2019

Why are natural ingredients good for your skin?

As the largest organ of your body, your skin is sacred. With the rising popularity of Australian Natural Skincare products, we wanted to write about why natural ingredients are so good for your skin. Before we get too deep into natural and  organic skincare, let’s take a quick look at some of the issues that exist with some of the non-natural skin care products.

When a company decides to make a personal care product, the regulations in some place with respect to the ingredients they are quite weak. While the vast majority of the ingredients used are deemed to be safe by the companies who use them; when a longer-term view is taken, and an in-depth view of the ingredients is observed, these results are a cause for concern.

In very small doses, these chemicals are fairly harmless, but it has been widely reported that when used over an extended period of time, some of these chemicals have been known to be linked to issues with reproduction and an increased risk of cancer.

Why Natural Skincare Ingredients are Best

Aside from the fact that natural organic skincare products actually work; there are a host of reasons why they are better than their non-natural counterparts.

Here’s why.

#1 No Compromise on Efficacy

Thanks for recent technological advances, natural skincare ingredients are just as effective as their synthetic counterparts. The end result of these developments now means that natural ingredients are able to be easily absorbed through the skin, and they are able to work on a cellular level.

#2 Better for our Planet

The fewer chemically processed products that exist in the world, the better. A single pot of cream that is produced using standard processes and ingredients will waste anything up to 1500 litres of water. When you consider this, along with the fact that natural skincare products are sourced sustainably; using natural and organic products is far better for the environment when the alternative is considered.

All of the ingredients used in the mens skincare products at Mens Botanics are sourced through sustainable, agricultural practices; and they always will be.

#3 Reparative and Restorative

Natural skin care ingredients are highly effective in the repair and restoration of the skin. Because of their rich antioxidant profile and natural botanicals, they provide a boost of natural goodness, along with essential vitamins.

#4 Essential Protection



Certain natural oils don’t just hydrate the skin from the below the surface, but they serve as a natural barrier that locks in the added moisture while preventing any further damage to cells. Free radical damage is caused, in most, by pollutants in the environment. The high antioxidant content within natural skincare products provides essential protection from these free radicals.

#5 Anti-Aging Benefits

Natural skin care ingredients can help you reduce the signs of ageing on your skin; they can leave your face feeling firmer, more supple, and lessen the appearance of fine lines on your face.

#6 More Moisture – Better Hydration

Natural ingredients provide a welcome boost of hydration for thirsty skin. For men’s skincare products, this is incredibly beneficial for a few good reasons. When shaving with sensitive skin, chemical or alcohol-based products can dry the skin out, sapping away at the natural moisture levels of the face. Aside from this, non-natural products can cause irritation and provoke inflammation.

Natural skincare products add moisture, they soothe, and they replenish the skin from the below the surface.

In Summary



Natural Ingredients in skincare can transform your skin. If you’ve become accustomed to using chemical or alcohol-based products, then your face will thank you for making the switch to organic skincare equivalents. Thankfully, you can reap even more rewards for your skin by using naturally derived products, which are just as, if not more effective for your skin than ever before.


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