Why the Kakadu Plum Should Be in Every Man’s Skincare Routine

July 15, 2017

Why the Kakadu Plum Should Be in Every Man’s Skincare Routine

You’re probably aware of how effective Vitamin C is for enhancing the strength and vibrancy of your skin. The active compounds can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reverse the effects of free radicals, and restore the skin’s antioxidant defence system.

However, skincare products that claim to have a nutrient-rich source of Vitamin C could be leading you astray.


Raw Vitamin C is a potent and unstable ingredient. So it needs to be naturally extracted to preserve the active proteins that boost the anti-ageing effects. If not properly extracted, the protein loses its structure and the ability to treat your skin.

For this reason, the way that Vitamin C is extracted will determine whether you get the anti-ageing and healing properties you’re after.

Luckily, there’s one native fruit that’s effectively extracted and boasts a highly potent source of Vitamin C. If you’re not satisfied with your current skincare routine, a product containing the Kakadu plum could be your answer.


What is the Kakadu Plum?

A native Australian plant and fruit that grows in the wild trees of the Northern Australia.

For thousands of years, the Aboriginal People relied on it as a source of food and treatment for many skin disorders, fungal and bacterial infections, and wounds.

The natural healing properties have made it a highly sought-after ingredient for skincare products.

“The Kakadu Plum has the highest natural concentrated source of Vitamin C in the world, containing anywhere from 3200-5000mg/100g in Vitamin C.”


Natural Healing Benefits

For thousands of years, the Kakadu plum has grown in the blistering heat of the Northern Australia. In response to the harsh Australian conditions, the fruit has formed its own natural self-defence system.

This resilient nature has made it a nutrient-rich source of antioxidants – ideal for protecting our own skin from harsh weather and UV rays.

When applied to the skin, the Kakadu plum can improve and protect the skin in many ways: 

  • Increase skin hydration and elasticity
  • Improve overall skin texture
  • Reduce the sight of wrinkles
  • Reverse the effects of free radicals
  • Cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria
  • Protect against harsh weather and UV damage
  • Restore the skins antioxidant defence system

 Naturally Extracted

Since raw Vitamin C is highly unstable, it should be sourced using extraction processes that preserves the benefits of the Ingredient.

Cellular extraction process is currently the most accurate way to extract Vitamin C. By using high-resolution mass spectrometry, individual protein cells can be extracted without separating them from their native state. This preserves the active compound structure that aids in the healing and treatment of skin.

Locally Sourced

The supply and demand for Kakadu plums has contributed to the growth and wellbeing of many indigenous communities in the Northern parts of Australia.

These communities harvest over 20 tonnes of the plant every year, which are distributed to local and international suppliers. The trade has helped the indigenous people develop a sustainable business and contribute to the growth of their community. 

Boost Your Skincare Routine

Want to get your daily dose of the Kakadu plum? There are many ways to make it part of your daily skincare routine.

The Intensive Face Moisturiser delivers the perfect balance of a non-greasy and age defying appearance. The powerful antioxidants help fight the signs of ageing and produce a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Plus, it easily absorbs into the skin to keep you hydrated all day long.

Want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles? The Age Defence Eye Cream uses potent antioxidants to form proline, an amino acid that stimulates the production of collagen. The Vitamin C also works hard to improve skin firmness and tone the overall appearance.

To complete your facial skincare routine, an Ultra Power Cream Cleanser can soothe and hydrate the skin to keep you going all day. The active compounds in the Kakadu plum improve the skin’s natural defence system to protect again harsh weather.


What has your experience been with using skincare products that contain Vitamin C? Leave a comment to share your experience with us.

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